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  1. What is Jabber

    Jabber is the software the underlies Facebook chat and Google Hangouts. it's open source, and anyone can run a server. Here's the Jabber FAQ

  2. How do I connect?

    You'll need a chat client (sort of like good ole' AIM). There are alot of choices, but these work best (full list):

    Desktop (Mac/Windows)



    Astra Chat

Contra Costa County District Attorney investigator Paul Holes saying things he knows he shouldn't regarding the use of DNA evidence and public DNA registries.

The ones who make
the poison pearls
care not for whom
they're cast before

The pet becomes slave,
And all candy turns poison.

A good person is flayed,
Their skin worn by monsters.

Conquest is genocide,
you forget your best joke.

Refracting things past,
with a childs-eye-lense.